led work lights for labs

Types of LED Work Lights for Labs

Laboratories facilitate very detailed and intricate work. Often times, illumination is required to support activities inside labs. Due to the unique aspects of such work spaces, it is important to understand the type of LED lights applicable to the room. Below takes a closer look at various types of LED Work Lights and levels of illumination needed to boost work performance inside laboratories.

LED Task and Overhead Lights

Overhead lighting systems are typically found in labs. The units serve as general lighting and can be found in lobbies, hallways and specific rooms. LED tube-style fixtures are frequently utilized for such lighting requirements. Furthermore, recessed LED lights can be used, which are ideal for saving space.

Another type of LED light found in laboratories is LED task lights. These units can take on different forms, depending on the needs of the specialist. For instance, in USDA labs, the buildings use cabinet task lights, installed under the cabinets to illuminate counter tops. Multi-level shelves may also incorporate the same lighting configuration – at various levels.

LED Illumination Levels

Light intensity inside labs must be carefully controlled, as glare can easily become an issue in extremely bright rooms (most labs are white to promote cleanliness and sanitation). Furthermore, laboratories these days are using more digital panels and computer screens. Overly bright illumination levels can decrease one’s ability to accurately view information on electronic screens.

Taking such above mentioned factors into consideration, LEDs should provide controlled illumination. IESNA Lighting Handbook 9th Edition 2000 sets forth recommendations for the amount of light suitable for labs. For science labs and specimen collecting, horizontal illumination of 50 fc and vertical illumination of 30 fc is ideal. According to the 8th Edition of the handbook, chemistry rooms should incorporate a range of 50 fc to 100 fc, depending on the type of analysis.

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