LED Emergency Exit Signs

Maintaining LED Emergency Exit Signs in Buildings

LED emergency exit signs are a staple in buildings in both industrial and commercial sectors. The units are designed to provide guidance for pedestrians and workers, in the event of fire, evacuation or catastrophic occurrence (such as earthquakes).

OSHA closely governs the application and maintenance of emergency exit signs, which requires general knowledge of the how the fixtures work. Below expounds on things to consider for proper upkeep of LED emergency exit signs.

Emergency Exit Sign Inspections

LED emergency exit signs must go through periodic testing, which is a vital part of maintenance. One of the most common methods requires one to perform a 90-minute discharge. This tests the backup battery of the light and mimics an emergency situation. Prior to the test, operators should conduct their own inspection. Ideally, individuals may check the condition of the power cells, lights and electricity flow before performing the 90-minute discharge.

Another test requires 30-second activation, which is less stringent than the 90-minute discharge. This type of trial keeps the backup battery and emergency exit sign on for half a minute, in order to stimulate an emergency. In most cases, the 30-second activation test is conducted once a month. On the other hand, the 90-minute discharge test is performed at least once a year (or as needed by the inspector or building manager).

Streamlining Maintenance

These days, maintaining emergency exit signs does not have to be a meticulous process. LED lights variants ensure operators can reduce the frequency of re-lamping, as the units are extremely long lasting, compared to traditional lighting technologies.

Self-illuminating versions may also be useful for a complete, hands-off approach to lamp maintenance. This type of emergency exit sign does not use electricity and appears illuminated during low-light conditions. Remote work sites, such as underground facilities, may find self-illuminating emergency exit signs advantageous.

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