LEDs for Safety Nets

LEDs for Safety Nets at Construction Sites

Safety net can be found throughout construction sites. The heavy-duty guards are used for pedestrian and debris protection when ongoing operations are present at the facility. Safety nets are usually made out of knitted polyethylene and are flame retardant. Leds for safety nets allow for quick illumination of job sites.

LEDs for Safety Nets

Illumination around safety nets is important, due to quick reactions required around such sections of the site. LED lighting systems can be used to ensure clarity around safety nets. Pole mounted flood lights and portable LED cart lights are common options for keeping the area lit up at all times.

Another option is to use compact solar-powered LED puck lights that attach to the net. Like glow sticks, the units mark different sections of the covering. Furthermore, the luminaries could be pointed downwards to provide illuminating support around makeshift walkways and high activity areas.

In addition to construction sites, safety nets are deployed around bridges, commercial roofing structures and roadways. The thickness and type of netting may vary, depending on the type of debris and materials used during construction.

Construction Safety Net Regulations

As a primary safety device, safety nets are subject to a wide range of regulations and requirements. Drop-testing is required to check on the sturdiness of the system, which utilizes a 400-pound bag, taken from the highest location of the building.

The horizontal measurement of the net should also be taken into consideration, factored in according to the vertical distance between the working floor and net. For example, nets held up more than 10 feet in the air requires a 13 feet horizontal spread for maximum safety. On the other hand, safety nets raised up to 5 feet needs a minimum of 8 feet of horizontal spread.

With this in mind, an LED lamp with a wide beam spread is recommended for adequate illumination around safety nets.

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